JOKARI QUADRO Plus: The multifunctiontool with crimp function among the wire strippers

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62000 QUADRO PlusNotice


0,5 - 2,5mm² | AWG 20-13

Where are wire strippers with a crimping function used?

In mechanical and plant engineering, electrical connections often have to be made for perfectly functioning electronics. This must be fast, durable and safe at the same time. Due to the large number of connector types available on the market, the range of crimping pliers and crimping processes is extremely complex. A corresponding tool must be standardized for the cable and connector.


What exactly happens when crimping?

During the crimping process, a connection element, such as a ferrule, is deformed and firmly pressed onto the conductor. The most common form of crimping is the crimping of insulated ferrules. When professional users wire control cabinets, they have to process many control cables and fit them with insulated ferrules. By doing so, they often need to work with several tools, which is neither cost nor time efficient


Why are insulated ferrules used?

Insulated ferrules are small metallic sleeves that are attached to the end of single stranded or twisted pair wires to enhance the connection to a connection point and create a safe and reliable electrical connection. The use of insulated ferrules has several advantages:

  • 1. Preventing cable breakage: By pressing - crimping - the ferrule onto the wire, a solid and permanent connection is created. This prevents the wire from loosening, twisting, or falling out of the terminal, which can result in a broken wire.
  • 2. Improved electrical conductivity: Insulated ferrules increase electrical conductivity and reduce electrical resistance by creating a larger contact area between the wire and the terminal. This means the current can flow without disturbances and the connection is less prone to overheating or short circuits.
  • 3. Protection against corrosion: Insulated ferrules protect the wire from moisture, dirt and corrosion. If a wire is not properly connected, moisture or dirt can get in, which can lead to corrosion. The ferrule protects the wire from this and increases the life of the connection.
  • 4. Improved mechanical stability: Insulated ferrules also increase the mechanical stability of the connection. If a wire is not properly fixed, it can move and eventually break. The ferrule holds the wire securely in place and reduces the risk of wire breakage.

The use of insulated ferrules is essential in many applications, especially in electrical engineering and electronics, but also in the automotive industry or in mechanical engineering.

Even if the use of insulated ferrules is no longer absolutely necessary with some modern terminal types (spring contacts), it is always an advantage. This is where the combination tool QUADRO Plus from JOKARI comes in: As one of the few wire stripping tools on the market, it includes the crimping function for insulated ferrules. The required end sleeves are carried in the integrated magazine.


What functions does the multitalent JOKARI QUADRO Plus combine?

With the combination tool QUADRO Plus, JOKARI offers professional users in the control and control cabinet construction a real work simplification. The automatic wire stripping tool integrates the function of cutting, stripping, twisting and crimping. A wire is ready for connection in a very short time, because the four work steps merge seamlessly with this tool.

Cutting wires with the multifunction tool Quadro Plus.
The JOKARI QUADRO Plus combines the work steps of cutting…
Stripping wires with PVC insulation from 0.5 to 2.5 mm² (AWG 20 - 14) with Quadro Plus.
wire stripping…
Twisting a wire with the Quadro Plus.
Crimping with the JOKARI wire stripper Quadro Plus.
And crimping in just one tool.


Which wires can I process with the wire crimping tool QUADRO Plus?

The QUADRO Plus is suitable for stripping wires with insulation made of PVC from 0.5 to 2.5 mm² (AWG 20 - 14). Adjustment to the cross-section is not necessary. The tool contains an integrated side cutter for wires up to max. 2.5 mm² (AWG 14) and a length stop for perfect length.


Which insulated ferrules can I crimp with the QUADRO Plus?

The allrounder QUADRO Plus enables extremely easy crimping of insulated ferrules in stripes with cross-sections of 0.5 (white), 0.75 (grey), 1.0 (red), 1.5 (black) and 2.5mm2 (blue). The end sleeves are designed for the cable cross-section.

The crimping pliers have a crimp end point monitoring system based on ratchet technology. It enables a permanent, stable and secure connection.

The twisting system prevents the strands from fanning out and thus ensures that the conductor is inserted securely into the ferrule. By changing the ferrule magazine, a change of cross-section is possible within seconds.

Further interesting information on the topic of multifunctiontool can be found on JO!STORY, the JOKARI blog.



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