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The company founder's daughter Maria Grosserichter retires, Frank J. Goebbels succeeds as managing director

Ascheberg, August 2021: With effect from 1 August 2021, the management team at JOKARI-Krampe GmbH has been restructured: Frank J. Goebbels joins the management, Maria Grosserichter, the daughter of the company founder Josef Krampe, retires. Frank J. Goebbels is now managing the company together with Andrea and Carsten Bünnigmann.

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Innovation in the processing of AS-Interface cables

Ascheberg, November 2020: Parallel cabling is out: In modern fieldbus communication, the AS-Interface cable for connecting actuators and sensors has established itself as the standard. Especially in industrial automation, conveyor technology and mechanical engineering, the yellow asymmetrical cable is used.



The new Super 4 Pro by JOKARI:

Ascheberg, February 2020: Rough and dirty working environments, such as those often found on construction sites or in new buildings, require robust tools that still deliver precise work results and have a long service life in these demanding areas of application. In order to provide professional customers from trade and industry with a real relief for these special applications, the stripping expert JOKARI has added a new stripping tool to his portfolio: the Super 4 Pro.



100% Made in Germany – made by JOKARI

Ascheberg, January 15, 2020: For the stripping specialist JOKARI, the year 2020 starts true to the motto "100% Made in Germany - made by JOKARI". In a broad-based campaign, the traditional family-owned company wants to show that this is not just an auspicious sounding marketing claim, but reality lived in all areas.



JOKARI provides an update for the proven wire stripper Secura 2K

The new two-finger adjustment mechanism enables the cutting depth to be adapated for different isolation materials.



New Quadro Plus: „Multi-talent is based on professional wishes in control engineering“

With Quadro Plus JOKARI has redeveloped the TÜV- and GS-certified premium product Quadro and introduced a crimp endpoint control based on ratchet technique with forced barrier.



Efficient wire stripping solutions in safety engineering

JOKARI exhibited different solutions for safety engineering professionals at trade fair "Security" in Essen.



Secura No. 15 Stripper: Best in class equipped with four blades

JOKARI has re-developed its approved Secura No. 15 Stripper. The new equipment with four blades leads to significant advantages for users.



JOKARI: Parada de longitud en impresión 3D

JOKARI simplifica el trabajo para sus clientes una vez más. Las paradas de longitud de diferentes herramientas se pueden reimprimir en 3D con datos gratuitos.

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JOKARI: E-Commerce-Innovation para clientes y socios

A JOKARI se le suele solicitar oportunidades de comercio electrónico en La compañía ha desarrollado una interfaz con las tiendas de los socios de distribución para ayudar a los clientes.

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JOKARI: Extractor de cables en el zócalo para una mayor eficiencia

JOKARI inventó una nueva herramienta. El pelacables con enganche JOKARI XL ha sido especialmente desarrollado para trabajar en enchufes.

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